Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my website, thank you for stopping by. These pages tell you how to access services which have been carefully designed to help you find your mojo and get your sparkle back. Mental health is as important as physical health, and we now know that one can have an impact on the other. ButContinue reading “Hello and Welcome”

Monday Mojo – Change the Recipe

Do you ever find you get stuck with the same routine? It happens easily, and it’s not always a bad thing. It’s good to know where we are, what we like and what we’re doing.  But sometimes, we fall into a rut. We do the same things.  We wear the same things.  We eat the same things. Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Change the Recipe”

Monday Mojo – Treasure Your Energy

How is your energy? At the start of each week, and especially at the commencement of a new year, there’s a pressure to begin with a full tank of positive mojo. We straighten our tiaras.  We create the to do list.  We aspire to get more done, even if it means we tap into our energy reserves.  The thing is, we don’t haveContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Treasure Your Energy”

New Year Mojo – Clear the Path

How do you feel about 2019? It’s about now the pressure really starts to mount to make new year’s resolutions, and set goals with good intentions. To try that new diet. To get more exercise. To better yourself in one way or another. The ‘New Year, New You’ crowd gets louder, and genuinely it can be exhausting.Continue reading “New Year Mojo – Clear the Path”

Monday Mojo – Boast a Little

When was the last time you blew your own trumpet? Spoke of your achievements. Fluffed your own feathers. Raised a glass to yourself. Feels weird doesn’t it? Maybe even awkward and uncomfortable. It might depend on what you see as success though. For some people just getting out of bed is an accomplishment. For others, it’s turning aContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Boast a Little”