Counselling services for private and corporate clients, face to face and over the 'phone

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Workshops and classes for better mental health, including staff training and well-being

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Online courses and self-care packages available to purchase at affordable prices

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Receive feel-good motivation to your inbox each week with Monday Mojo™

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Latest news, top tips and insights promoting positive mental health in practical ways

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Sessions available face-to-face and over the 'phone, with some evening appointments. Please ask for details.

Client BMilton Keynes

With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way

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Monday Mojo – Embrace the Infinite

What is getting your time and attention right now? It might be work. It might be a relationship. Or it might be a cause close to your heart. For some, it’s raising money for worthwhile charities. For others, it’s helping people in need.  But what if one of your worthwhile causes was you? By that, …

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Monday Mojo – Bring the Balance

How balanced does life feel right now? When we think about feeling centred, we might align this with feeling happy.When all our ducks are in a rowWhen life is ticking along nicelyWhen we feel a sense of peace. If life feels like it’s where it needs to be for you right now, that’s genuinely awesome.  But …

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Monday Mojo – Heal It Slowly

How are you with unfinished business? Many of us lock things away. And sometimes that feels helpful at the time. We put it in a box. Close the lid tightly. And leave it for “another day”. Making room for difficult emotions leaves us feeling vulnerable; it feels counter-intuitive to let our true feelings show – …

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