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Online courses and self-care packages available to purchase at affordable prices

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Attend a scheduled event or organise your own for your workplace.

Client BMilton Keynes

With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way

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Monday Mojo – Style Your Moment

How do you express yourself? From an early age, we are usually programmed to put a lid on difficult emotions. The problem with this is, where those feelings don’t dissipate, they fester. When emotions don’t have an outlet they lay in wait, underground, until something happens and then … pop! Like a cork – there’s …

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Monday Mojo – Turn it Round

How do you introduce yourself to people? We usually start with what we do, like our job title or where we went to school. We try to “qualify” ourselves to show our worth. The problem is when we do this, even with all the qualifications and experience we have, we might still think “Am I …

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Monday Mojo – Return to You

Where have you been during COVID? I don’t mean physically; I mean the real you.The one that laughs when your toast lands butter side down because you know, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.The one who smiles just because the sun is shining.The one who sparkles as you sing along with …

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