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With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way

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Monday Mojo – Breaking the Circuit

How are you feeling?  It’s a genuine question because you’ve probably noticed it’s actually getting even weirder out there. I didn’t think it was possible, and yet here we are.  At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, I spoke about the importance of finding your language whilst we were hearing new phrases like “sunset clauses”, “social distancing” …

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Monday Mojo – Excavate the Unsaid

Do you ever get the impression you’re not getting the full picture from someone?  Sometimes people don’t hold back, and you’re never in any doubt about how they think and feel. Other times, there’s an undertone, where you get a sense something isn’t ok but no one’s really saying anything.  Healthy communication is challenging in …

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Mind Your Language – Changing the Conversation on Mental Health

This article is released ahead of World Mental Health Day. Content Warning: briefly discusses suicide 10th October is World Mental Health Day, a time when the focus of our attention is drawn towards raising awareness and opening a dialogue about how we think and feel. This is seen by some as arbitrary – we should …

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