Counselling services for private and corporate clients, face to face and over the 'phone

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Workshops and classes for better mental health, including staff training and well-being

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Online courses and self-care packages available to purchase at affordable prices

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Receive feel-good motivation to your inbox each week with Monday Mojo™

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Latest news, top tips and insights promoting positive mental health in practical ways

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Sessions available face-to-face and over the 'phone, with some evening appointments. Please ask for details.

Client BMilton Keynes

With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way

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Monday Mojo – Do One Thing

How much have you got on your to-do list today? If like many of us, your list is growing ever longer, you’ll know what it’s like to reach 5pm (if that’s even close to when you finish) most days and wonder how much you’ve achieved. According to Dr Megan Reitz, the ‘average’ employee is interrupted at …

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Monday Mojo – Speak Your Truth

Where do you share your opinions? There are places in your life where you may feel safe to say what you think. Amongst close friends, some well chosen colleagues or certain members of your family maybe. In some particular environments though, you may keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself for fear of judgement. In …

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Monday Mojo – Know Your Zone

Where are you meant to be today? I know you may be at work, or have a day off, or seeing to jobs at home – but I’m talking about the big picture.  The vision you have for where maybe you’d rather be.  For a Monday, you might be:Firing on all cylinders. Full of feel-good mojo.. Living your best …

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