Counselling services for private and corporate clients, face to face and over the 'phone

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Workshops and classes for better mental health, including staff training and well-being

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Online courses and self-care packages available to purchase at affordable prices

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Receive feel-good motivation to your inbox each week with Monday Mojo™

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Latest news, top tips and insights promoting positive mental health in practical ways

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Sessions available face-to-face and over the 'phone, with some evening appointments. Please ask for details.

Client BMilton Keynes

With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way

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Monday Mojo – Be Your Bliss

What does it actually mean to be happy? We’ve literally been exploring the subject of happiness for thousands of years. Around 2500 years ago, the Buddha saw happiness as freedom from craving (e.g. it’s healthier to focus on being, rather than doing or having). A little while later, Zhuangzi introduced the idea of “going with the flow”. In more …

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Monday Mojo – Rise into Power

When was the last time you blew your own trumpet? It’s definitely something we struggle with. We worry people will view this negatively.We don’t want to appear big-headed.So we shy away from sharing our accomplishments, and highlighting what we can do. It highlights how important it is to feel confident in your right to stand up and be …

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Monday Mojo – Enrich Your Week

Do you ever feel like you’ve settled for something and wish you hadn’t? When your tea is cold, but you drink it anywayWhen the meal you’ve ordered takes ages to arriveWhen you put up with being let down, over and again. We keep the peace. We plod on. We push through. It’s one of the …

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