Helping you Sparkle™ is a provider of private, professional therapy and teaching services based in Milton Keynes, promoting positive mental health. I specialise in teaching practical strategies for effective rest and relaxation.  My mission is to help you sparkle.

I’m Delphi Ellis, a qualified therapist and trainer offering a variety of  talking therapiesworkshops and classes for positive mental health.

I teach  Assertiveness Skills,  offer Stress Counselling and encourage rest and relaxation through techniques like Mindfulness (also suitable in pregnancy). I am also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT) practitioner. 

I started my career supporting the bereaved and have worked in a therapeutic setting for over a decade.  I analyse dreams and promote healthy sleep, appearing as the Dream Expert  for  ITV’s This Morning and presented the guide to sleep on Daybreak – you can read more about this here.  I also created the first ever website dedicated to the topic of pregnancy mental health.

I am a Women’s Advocate, trained to recognise and work with those who have been affected by domestic abuse.

Wellness through Learning™ – Promoting Conscious Living for Positive Mental Health