Monday Mojo – Boast a Little

When was the last time you blew your own trumpet? Spoke of your achievements. Fluffed your own feathers. Raised a glass to yourself. Feels weird doesn’t it? Maybe even awkward and uncomfortable. It might depend on what you see as success though. For some people just getting out of bed is an accomplishment. For others, it’s turning aContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Boast a Little”

Monday Mojo – Avoid the Normal

Do you sometimes feel like you hold a piece of yourself back? From friends. From colleagues. From the rest of the world. When we meet someone new, it seems normal to censor what we say, to keep just a piece of ourselves hidden, so that we don’t give too much away. Not because we’re hiding anything, but becauseContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Avoid the Normal”

Monday Mojo – Start a Conversation

How are you?  And by that, I mean how are you really? It’s a crucially important question, and one I deeply believe in. Because, you see, when people just ask us how we are, we usually say “I’m fine”. But we’re not always fine are we? And sometimes, we feel like we’re burdening people, if we say what’s on our minds.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Start a Conversation”

Monday Mojo – Treat Yourself

Have you been looking after yourself lately? At this month’s Serenity, we noticed how selfish we feel when we give something to ourselves, whether it’s a warm bath, buying ourselves a treat, or just spending quality time on our own. We always feel like we should be doing something else: Seeing to other people. CheckingContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Treat Yourself”

Monday Mojo – Assemble Your Squad

Monday Mojo™ – feel good motivation for the week ahead: Assemble Your Squad How many people do you feel you can count on these days? As we get older the number seems to get smaller. But is that because it’s getting harder to really know people? I asked a question on my Facebook page lastContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Assemble Your Squad”