Monday Mojo – Avoid the Normal

Do you sometimes feel like you hold a piece of yourself back?

From friends.
From colleagues.
From the rest of the world.

When we meet someone new, it seems normal to censor what we say, to keep just a piece of ourselves hidden, so that we don’t give too much away. Not because we’re hiding anything, but because sometimes it’s just easier to try to fit in.

We strive to keep up with the crowd.  We want to be good enough. We reach for the ‘normal’ to be liked. Loved. Accepted.

The only thing is, and as Matt Haig quite rightly pointed out, there are 7 billion versions of normal on this planet so it’s no wonder it’s exhausting striving for perfection.

Possibility starts with the little things, by doing something different every day.

This week, set the intention to Avoid the Normal.  Try something that stretches your comfort zone.  Consider a new hobby, or reveal your ‘quirky’ side in conversation that might surprise a few people. Whether it’s telling your colleagues about your secret Rick Astley collection, or voicing your opinion on something close to your heart, plan what you can say that shows you just as you are.  Take a deep breath and remember, you have every right to bring all of you in to the conversation.

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