Monday Mojo – Indulge Your Body

If you could reasonably give your body what it needs right now, what would it be? Perhaps you need a stretch, or a dance around your kitchen.  Maybe a hand massage.  Or just some calm, deep breaths.  Maybe you’re not friends with your body right now. Sometimes that’s because of society’s expectations around perfection andContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Indulge Your Body”

Monday Mojo – Avoid the Normal

Do you sometimes feel like you hold a piece of yourself back? From friends. From colleagues. From the rest of the world. When we meet someone new, it seems normal to censor what we say, to keep just a piece of ourselves hidden, so that we don’t give too much away. Not because we’re hiding anything, but becauseContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Avoid the Normal”

Ditch the guilt: Take the pressure off and live life your way

“Exercise more. But don’t get too skinny. Make sure your kids eat well, but don’t indulge them. Sit quietly. But make your voice heard. Work hard. But make time for family and friends”. There seems to be an immense pressure to be perfect. Media messages are confusing, leaving people feeling overwhelmed. So, this Time toContinue reading “Ditch the guilt: Take the pressure off and live life your way”