Why we need more quiet spaces in public (and what to do if you can’t find one)

This article was written before the coronavirus outbreak but has been updated to reflect some ideas which might help. An article specific to COVID and anxiety is here. Is it just me, or has the world got more noisy lately? I don’t mean the normal background noise that’s present in modern every day life, likeContinue reading “Why we need more quiet spaces in public (and what to do if you can’t find one)”

Monday Mojo – Fix the Loop

How well do you cope when things go a bit pear-shaped? When someone sends you a snotty email or text message, is your impulse to respond straight away? When things are difficult, do you reach for the biscuit tin or a cigarette or a glass of wine?  There’s no judgement here. I’m the first toContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Fix the Loop”

Monday Mojo – Define Your Limits

How do you know when you’ve had enough? Some people have some early warning signs. They might: • feel grumpier than usual • feel like hiding • sigh. A lot.  In the Shambhala teachings, this is sometimes referred to as “meeting your edge”. It’s that moment when you realise you’re reaching your limit, and that whatContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Define Your Limits”

Monday Mojo – Catch Your Breath

When was the last time you stopped? I don’t mean at a traffic light, or to go to bed. I mean genuinely just downed tools and took a moment to take it all in.  When we lead busy lives the emphasis is always on doing not being. It’s one of the reasons I describe inContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Catch Your Breath”

Monday Mojo – Indulge Your Body

If you could reasonably give your body what it needs right now, what would it be? Perhaps you need a stretch, or a dance around your kitchen.  Maybe a hand massage.  Or just some calm, deep breaths.  Maybe you’re not friends with your body right now. Sometimes that’s because of society’s expectations around perfection andContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Indulge Your Body”