5 Tips to Boost Your Mojo

In a world that feels like it’s moving faster than ever, it makes sense if you’re feeling over whelmed right now. Life events, like bereavement, or money worries can take their toll and before too long we might find we’ve lost some of our mojo – our energy, motivation or sense of purpose. There areContinue reading “5 Tips to Boost Your Mojo”

Self-Care for Bad Days

We talk a lot about self care these days and it can help in terms of helping us manage things like our resilience to some extent. In Answers In The Dark, I include a section called the Self-Care Check In, which looks at how we might know when we’re not ok and what might help.Continue reading “Self-Care for Bad Days”

Sorry, not sorry – why we need to stop apologising when it’s not our fault

How often do you say sorry every day?  It’s been reported that a survey of more than 1,000 British people found that that the ‘average’ person says “sorry” around eight times per day – and that one in eight people apologise up to 20 times a day – even when they’re not at fault.  Why doContinue reading “Sorry, not sorry – why we need to stop apologising when it’s not our fault”

What is anxiety (and what helps)?

⚠️ This article makes reference to trauma and some potential causes of anxiety which some may find triggering. This piece was written before the coronavirus outbreak but has been recently updated (2023). An article specific to COVID and anxiety is here. According to various reports, it’s been established that there are 8.2 million cases ofContinue reading “What is anxiety (and what helps)?”