Self-Care for Bad Days

We talk a lot about self care these days and it can help in terms of helping us manage things like our resilience to some extent.

In Answers In The Dark, I include a section called the Self-Care Check In, which looks at how we might know when we’re not ok and what might help.

But on the difficult days it can be harder to reach for the things we know we probably should be doing; things like prioritising sleep, eating a decent meal and getting some exercise.

One thing I might suggest is a well-being action plan, a list of self-care activities that might feel easier to achieve when you’re navigating a difficult time, especially if you know you’re someone who tends to resort to unhealthy mechanisms when you’re not ok.

Everyone’s different so what’s on your action plan might look different to someone else, and it also doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. On your list, it might include things like changing your bedding, putting out fresh towels, or creating a music playlist of music you know uplifts you.

If you know you’re someone who tends not to prioritise eating, you might create a meal plan with your favourite ingredients. If you know you tend to have trouble sleeping, you might decide to go for a walk and get some fresh air because we know that might help. You might also arrange to meet a friend for a cuppa, because we know talking can be helpful.

Remember that your action plan is unique to you, and so what it looks like for you might be different to someone else but try to keep it accessible so that on the bad days your self-care / well-being action plan is there when you need it.

Remember above all to be gentle on yourself; don’t beat yourself up for not doing the self-care that you know might be helpful. Setting the intention to do it the next day might be all you need to have that self-care for bad days.

You can view an example well-being action plan below, available as a pdf. download.

The above is a transcript of the video below. If you’re struggling with your mental health, please speak to your healthcare team. Samaritans are also available in the UK on 116 123. You may also find this list of links helpful. Do what’s right for you.

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