Monday Mojo – Believe In You

Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it until you make it”? It famously became popular from a TED talk by Amy Cuddy, where she describes how our body language doesn’t just influence how other people receive us, but how we feel about ourselves.   Cuddy identified that things like adopting a power pose (think Wonder Woman)Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Believe In You”

Mind Your Language – Changing the Conversation on Mental Health

Content Warning: briefly discusses suicide Mental Health Awareness days are a time when the focus of our attention is drawn towards opening a dialogue about how we think and feel. This is seen by some as arbitrary – we should be comfortable having conversations around mental health every day. However, some companies still only ‘indulge’Continue reading “Mind Your Language – Changing the Conversation on Mental Health”

Understanding Mental Health – Workplace Training

This training is designed for proactive organisations who want to be able to recognise the early warning signs of poor mental health, and offer signposts for support. During this one-day session, we can consider how to: Recognise poor mental health in yourself and others Identify signs specific to the workplace Support a colleague with poorContinue reading “Understanding Mental Health – Workplace Training”

Available to Buy – Guided meditations and relaxation resources packs

Visit my online shop. What people say about my relaxation classes: You might also like: Monday Mojo™ – a free email straight to your inbox each week, containing feel-good vibes for the week ahead, as well as free access to the Members Gateway containing the Sparkle Repair Kit™, a small but mighty eGuide designed toContinue reading “Available to Buy – Guided meditations and relaxation resources packs”

Workplace Support: Employee Assistance and Professional Supervision in Milton Keynes

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Companies are starting to find call-centre EAP support isn’t what staff want, and inevitably is rarely accessed. Although it may “tick the box” where employee policy relates to staff welfare, people would prefer the opportunity of face-to-face or telephone sessions with an independent, qualified professional who can remain impartial. I offerContinue reading “Workplace Support: Employee Assistance and Professional Supervision in Milton Keynes”