3 Tips for Starting a Conversation about Mental Health

Sometimes we might get a sense that someone is not ok. It’s in these moments we might want to check how they are, but not know where to start, or worry they may disclose something we can’t deal with. There are lots of ways to approach a conversation about mental health and empathy is important.Continue reading “3 Tips for Starting a Conversation about Mental Health”

Monday Mojo – Check the Boundary

How do you know when a boundary has been crossed? I’m asking because whenever I teach a class about self-care, or mindfulness (or anything really), there is always an acknowledgement that, whilst we often feel we “should” be available to those around us, it comes at a price. Self-care feels indulgent, but ultimately it’s necessary.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Check the Boundary”

Monday Mojo – Draw the Line

Has someone been pushing your buttons lately?  I ask, because we all have a tipping point. Even those of us who like to think of ourselves as generally calm and centred, can be pushed too far when tensions are frayed. Lockdown isn’t easy; daily doom cycles mean we’re feeling the overwhelm. So if someone pokedContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Draw the Line”

Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own

How are you holding up? It’s fair to say, there’s a level of unease in the world right now. If you’re fed up of hearing about the new global conversation in COVID-19, I promise this post isn’t actually about the virus, but it does help me to make an important point. Not everyone is concernedContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own”

Setting Boundaries: Why Your Personal Ground Rules Matter and How to Make Them

If you’ve ever attended a professional training course, you’ll probably know the first thing the teacher usually does is set the ground rules for the day. These almost always include respecting each other’s opinion, and maybe switching off your mobile ‘phone. But how often do you set ground rules in your everyday life? Ground rulesContinue reading “Setting Boundaries: Why Your Personal Ground Rules Matter and How to Make Them”