Monday Mojo – Say It Anyway

Do you ever blurt? By that I mean, words erupt from your mouth without any apparent warning or you say something because, if you don’t, you feel like you might explode.  And then you wish you hadn’t. If we’re being honest, we can probably all relate to saying the wrong thing from time to time,Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Say It Anyway”

Monday Mojo – Reset the Volume

How do you feel when someone’s not listening? If a colleague or friend prefers to stay on send rather than receive, it means you won’t get a word in edge ways, and it can steal your mojo in an instant:Your heart sinks. Or you silently seethe. Or you might just shut down, and wonder “what’s theContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Reset the Volume”

Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own

How are you holding up? It’s fair to say, there’s a level of unease in the world right now. If you’re fed up of hearing about the new global conversation in COVID-19, I promise this post isn’t actually about the virus, but it does help me to make an important point. Not everyone is concernedContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own”