Monday Mojo – Keep It Simple

Well, what a week that was. Just as we felt like we were coming to the end of one drama, another one begins. Do you ever feel like that? Even Wordle got a bit too complicated at one point. It can be relentless, the way life hits us at times. Just when we think we’veContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Keep It Simple”

Monday Mojo – Breaking the Circuit

How are you feeling?  It’s a genuine question because you’ve probably noticed it’s actually getting even weirder out there. I didn’t think it was possible, and yet here we are.  At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, I spoke about the importance of finding your language whilst we were hearing new phrases like “sunset clauses”, “social distancing”Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Breaking the Circuit”

Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own

How are you holding up? It’s fair to say, there’s a level of unease in the world right now. If you’re fed up of hearing about the new global conversation in COVID-19, I promise this post isn’t actually about the virus, but it does help me to make an important point. Not everyone is concernedContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Hold Your Own”

Managing Uncertainty – How to create a “Not-Knowing” Plan

This article was written before the coronavirus outbreak. An article specific to COVID and anxiety is here. How do you cope with not-knowing? In a world where information is available at our finger tips, there will still be times when an internet search engine can’t give you the answers you need. If you’ve found yourself inContinue reading “Managing Uncertainty – How to create a “Not-Knowing” Plan”

Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Creativity, Managing Change at Work and Connecting Employees using Mindfulness

How engaged do you feel during workplace meetings? If you feel connected, take part and are completely focused when your colleagues are speaking, then you’ll be giving 100% around the table. But if you are doing that, recent research suggests that’s quite rare. According to one study, three quarters of attendees in meetings are distractedContinue reading “Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Creativity, Managing Change at Work and Connecting Employees using Mindfulness”