Monday Mojo – Keep It Simple

Well, what a week that was. Just as we felt like we were coming to the end of one drama, another one begins. Do you ever feel like that? Even Wordle got a bit too complicated at one point.

It can be relentless, the way life hits us at times. Just when we think we’ve dealt with one wave of something, another one comes along. We can feel like we’re being knocked off our feet every time we get up. 

It can feel lonely trying to cope with everything all at once, especially when you’re not getting time to reset and recharge. 
It can leave us weary. 
Lacking a lot of mojo. 

Here’s what might help:
This week, maybe set the intention to Keep it Simple. Whether you’re reeling from events on a global or more local scale, go back to basics in terms of priorities for the next few days. Make a plan to ensure if nothing else you eat, drink some water (even if disguised as tea) and prioritise your bedtime. 

Limit access to news and social media if needed, so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed by all that’s happening in the world, on top of everything else you might be navigating right now. Ask a friend to send you the snippets of things you may need to know (eg about COVID reatrictions, if relevant) rather than diving into Facebook and feeling wrecked by it all. These 5 Ways to Well-being from Mind might also be useful.

Above all, remember you’re not alone and keep going. Finding our way in the world might feel lonely at times, but there are services out there to help. Rest, yes, but don’t quit.

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