Monday Mojo – Pick Your Battles

Well it’s been quite a Full Moon hasn’t it? What with threats of war, Storm Eunice making her presence felt, and well…quite a bit of tension about.  Even Big Jet TV was keeping us on the edge of our seats….

It’s completely understandable if you’re feeling exhausted with it all. Whether you’re having uncomfortable conversations as an ally on difficult topics, take on extra work to keep the burden from others, or are finding ways to to manage conflicting priorities, it makes sense if you’re not sure which way to turn next. A lot of people are tired. Many are scared. Things are changing too quickly for some. And it’s catching up with all of us.

One of the benefits of mindfulness practice is that it makes the difference between (knee-jerk) reacting and responding helpfully. Instead of pushing away difficult feelings, we can learn to lean in when it matters. Instead of being fixed on getting things “just right”, we see the big picture. We can learn to decide where our energy goes.  

Here’s what might help. 

This week, maybe set the intention to Pick Your Battles. You may have seen me recommend the book “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”, where Richard Carlson says we can learn to discern what gets our time and attention by asking a simple question: “A year from now will this matter to me?”.

Even if not practicing mindfulness, we can learn to recognise when we’ve been activated, and when we’re on the verge of fight or flight. Your mouth goes dry. Your hands start sweating. Or you’re just feeling tense. Pause for a moment and if it’s helpful, tune into your body. Where are you storing tension right now? If you want to, simply take a deep breath and as you breathe in place your hand where the tension is and say in your mind “Here it is, it is here”. And as you exhale, feel the heaviness leave your body. Then continue with your day.

Just as importantly, you don’t have to be a passive bystander all the time. This article contains four key questions that might help your consider which battles to take on. You can contribute and support worthy causes in your own way in your own time. You just don’t need to be the first one through the door every time.

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