Monday Mojo – Push it Back

Monday Mojo™ is about helping you find your mojo and getting your sparkle back. The reason I do this blog each week is to let you know:• that you matter • you have a right to be heard • you have a right to be here. This blog is here to let you know, thatContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Push it Back”

Monday Mojo – Set the Tone

Do you ever feel like people just don’t listen? Like you’re talking to a brick wall. That what you say falls on ‘deaf ears’. As if you’re talking another language.  When we feel misunderstood it’s easy to raise our voice in anger. To shout out, have a knee-jerk reaction and say something we didn’t actuallyContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Set the Tone”

Monday Mojo – Honour Your Gifts

What does the world need right now that you have to offer? I don’t mean more of your time or energy, as you’re probably giving that out in tonnes anyway. I mean the genuine gifts that you bring to the party of life.  As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, I talked about the Five Ways toContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Honour Your Gifts”

Setting Boundaries: Why Your Personal Ground Rules Matter and How to Make Them

If you’ve ever attended a professional training course, you’ll know the first thing the teacher usually does is set the ground rules for the day. These almost always include respecting each other’s opinion, and switching off your mobile ‘phone. But how often do you set ground rules in your everyday life? Ground rules can beContinue reading “Setting Boundaries: Why Your Personal Ground Rules Matter and How to Make Them”

Seasonal Self-Care – taking care of yourself all year round

Self-care and setting healthy boundaries with yourself, family and friends are important. Here are some ideas of how to take care of yourself all year round: • Create positive space as much as possible, keep your mental health and wellbeing in mind. Take walks in nature, or just get some fresh air standing by theContinue reading “Seasonal Self-Care – taking care of yourself all year round”