Monday Mojo – Push it Back

Monday Mojo™ is about helping you find your mojo and getting your sparkle back. The reason I do this blog each week is to let you know:
• that you matter
• you have a right to be heard
• you have a right to be here.

This blog is here to let you know, that you don’t need to apologise for being sad – or happy. You don’t need to say sorry when you cry or laugh out loud. You don’t need to make your self small so that others feel more comfortable. You don’t need to fake big when you’re not ok inside.

You don’t need to stay silent when you want to be heard. You don’t need to speak your truth until you are ready.  

You don’t need to be “more than”. You don’t need to feel “less than”. And to let you know that not everything we take on in life is ours to carry. You can give back to others what they try to put on you.

So this week, maybe set the intention to Push It Back. When people try to shut the conversation down, or say you’re “over-thinking it”, it’s ok to let them know that you feel what you feel. When people feel too judge-y (about what you wear or what you like) if you want to, you can say that you have a right to be you. As Robin Sharma says below you can say anything you want so long as you say it with respect – even if your voice shakes.

If you prefer to stay quiet for a while that’s ok too. Maybe treat yourself to a Stay at Home Spa Day that helps you align back to centre. The most important thing right now is to take care of yourself. To open the curtains and let the light in. To keep your face towards the sunshine, and let the shadows fall behind you.

Pause. Breathe. Continue.

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