Monday Mojo – Identify Your Signs

How do you know when you’re reaching your tipping point? Pretty much everybody has one. Unless you have the composure of someone like Pema Chödrön, chances are there will be times when it feels like situations are getting on top of you. For some people, stress is caused by too much pressure:• Workload• Demands onContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Identify Your Signs”

Monday Mojo – Build Your Strategy

What’s your strategy for this week?  I ask because we’re hearing about the importance of having one on a daily basis.  As the lockdown continues, we are watching other nations prepare to bring some of their restrictions to an end. Eyes nervously turn to other countries to see how they’re coping; what works and what doesn’t.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Build Your Strategy”

Monday Mojo – Take Small Wins

How’s your concentration been? In the U.K. we are entering our third week of lockdown. It makes sense if your mind just won’t sit still right now. Life feels uncertain and challenging in ways we never expected. And then, there’s the “influencers” . You’ll know the ones I mean. They’re the high-energy people saying thisContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Take Small Wins”

Monday Mojo – Find Your Language

Well it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? You’ve probably noticed, we’re learning new language every day.   We’ve heard terms like ‘self-isolation’, ‘social distancing’, ‘herd immunity’ and ‘sunset clauses’. We’re being told we’re “on a trajectory”, which Russell Brand said (for him) went from “I don’t believe this is happening”, to “how can IContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Find Your Language”

Tips for Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 and Beyond

If you’re starting to feel the overwhelm of all the recent news, you’re not alone. The feeling is literally global. People are taking different views, some are panicking, some are minimising – both are potentially responses to fear. We know when we go through a prolonged period of stress, our brain and body will feelContinue reading “Tips for Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 and Beyond”