Monday Mojo – Identify Your Signs

How do you know when you’re reaching your tipping point?

Pretty much everybody has one.

Unless you have the composure of someone like Pema Chödrön, chances are there will be times when it feels like situations are getting on top of you.

For some people, stress is caused by too much pressure:
• Workload
• Demands on time
• Caring for someone
• Looking for work
• Rapid change
or everything all at once. Whatever it is that causes your stress to build, it’s just as important. 

For others, not feeling in control is what causes tension. Being limited to where we can go, who we can see and how often in recent weeks certainly meets that criteria. 

As the country prepares to enter a period of “unlockdown”, people will understandably have mixed feelings.  If you’d only just got into a rhythm of balancing work and home life under the “old” guidance, the prospect of adapting to more change might feel overwhelming.  People will have opinions about which way is right and which way is wrong. Some will be delighted. Some will feel anxious. And all feelings matter.

What I’m getting at, is if you’re feeling edgy, excited, nervous or frustrated right now, it makes total sense.

When we find ourselves in situations we didn’t ask for, didn’t create, and certainly didn’t want, how do we navigate our way? Knowing when you’re reaching your limit can be the key to it all. 

This week you could set the intention to Identify Your Signs. People react differently to stress so it helps to know how your mind and body reacts. You might feel more irritable, have trouble sleeping, or notice physical tension in your body. You might find you eat more, or less than usual. (There are some more symptoms here and a tip on mindful eating in the 52 weeks of mindfulness below). To manage it helpfully, you could start with a Traffic Light System to help you know when you might be reaching your limit. Green is when you’re feeling happy and well, fulfilled and content. Orange (which is where most of us will be right now), is when you recognise you’re not ok and can motivate taking healthy steps, including effective self-care or an appointment with your doctor. Red might be time to stop and think about what needs to change or accessing sources of help.

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