Monday Mojo – Connect the Word

If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be? I don’t just mean how you’re feeling, I mean a descriptor that might define you. Nine months ago, you  might easily have said, for example: enthusiastic, driven or focused.  I’m asking because you might not be feeling those things right now, andContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Connect the Word”

Monday Mojo – Savour the Journey

What’s the pace of your life right now? Sometimes, when life is busy, we can find ourselves on a different path, than we planned to travel down. People or events may steer us in an unexpected direction. We get swept up. We lose our way. Sometimes that’s not always a bad thing, as long as you’re onContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Savour the Journey”

Monday Mojo – Feel the Connection

Today is Blue Monday, or as the Samaritans are calling it “Brew Monday”. An opportunity to chat with a friend over a good old cuppa. So, how many people does it take to make a cup of tea? I promise this isn’t one of those “how many people does it take to change a lightbulb” jokes.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Feel the Connection”

New Year Mojo – Clear the Path

How do you feel about 2019? It’s about now the pressure really starts to mount to make new year’s resolutions, and set goals with good intentions. To try that new diet. To get more exercise. To better yourself in one way or another. The ‘New Year, New You’ crowd gets louder, and genuinely it can be exhausting.Continue reading “New Year Mojo – Clear the Path”

Monday Mojo – Take it Slow

Have you felt like you’ve been rushing around lately? It’s usually about now things feel a bit, well… hectic. Depending on what sort of year you’ve had, you might feel a sense of urgency to get 2018 firmly out of the way, and start the new year as quickly as possible. And do you know what? That’sContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Take it Slow”