Monday Mojo – Savour the Journey

What’s the pace of your life right now?

Sometimes, when life is busy, we can find ourselves on a different path, than we planned to travel down.
People or events may steer us in an unexpected direction.
We get swept up.
We lose our way.

Sometimes that’s not always a bad thing, as long as you’re on board with it. 

But you may find yourself regretting decisions you’ve made and beating yourself up, even though at the time they felt like the right – or only – thing to do. 

Life starts to feel like a fairground ride that’s getting faster.  It’s unpredictable, a bit scary and eventually can wear you out. 

It’s not always easy to pin-point the exact moment things changed direction, especially if you’ve been busy putting other’s happiness before your own.

This is why pausing to define what’s motivating you, or driving your decision making, can be helpful, and prevent you from burning out

This week, set the intention to Savour The Journey. Take some time to reflect on your path so far, and celebrate how far you’ve come.  Decide what’s guiding your decision making right now, and if that’s driving you forward to where you want to be. Then think about what gets your motor running, and whether or not you’re doing enough of what you enjoy.

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