Monday Mojo – Reset the Moment

How are you finding 2019 so far?

At Saturday’s Serenity we reflected on how quickly we’ve arrived in March, and used the time and space to bring ourselves back to centre. We talked about how the year’s gone so far and, if we’ve steered off course a little, talked about how to reset so that we can aim for where we want to be. 

Finding balance in a busy world is hard:
There’s always work to be done. 
Places to be. 
People to please. 

And then there’s all the plans we’ve made. The hopes we’ve had. The dreams we hope to fulfil. It can be overwhelming. 

This is why, now and then, it’s helps to take a step back, and start again. 

This week, set the intention to Reset the Moment. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life right now, or how quickly time flies, remember it’s just as important when you’re busy to rest and recharge your batteries.  To pause. Take a breath. Reconnect. And then carry on. Allow yourself time and space this week to take as many pauses as you need, and then when you’re ready,  take one step at a time.  Rest, but don’t quit.

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