Monday Mojo – Define Your Limits

How do you know when you’ve had enough?

Some people have some early warning signs. They might:
• feel grumpier than usual
• feel like hiding
• sigh. A lot. 

In the Shambhala teachings, this is sometimes referred to as “meeting your edge”. It’s that moment when you realise you’re reaching your limit, and that what you do next will either be helpful – or not. It will make the difference between a knee-jerk reaction or a measured response.  Between calm or chaos.  

The good news is that by learning to recognise your early warning signs and making a self-care plan it might help you approach difficult moments more resiliently.

This week, set the intention to Define Your Limits.  Make a list of what you recognise as the early signs that you’re meeting your edge. How do you feel physically, emotionally and how do you behave? Then write three promises you might make to yourself if you recognise you’re feeling that way. It might be to reach out to someone you can talk to, watch some comedy TV, or practise some mindfulness. Consider that in that moment, you have an opportunity to be, rather than do. Find what works for you and remember, self-care is in the little things; it all counts.

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