Understanding Mental Health – Workplace Training

This training is designed for proactive organisations who want to be able to recognise the early warning signs of poor mental health, and offer signposts for support.

During this one-day session, we can consider how to:

  • Recognise poor mental health in yourself and others
  • Identify signs specific to the workplace
  • Support a colleague with poor mental health
  • Talk to someone feeling suicidal or having a panic attack
  • Explore mental health under the Equality Act
  • Look after yourself

All guests will receive 28 day access to an online gateway containing resources discussed during the session.

Workshop content can be tailored to your organisation upon request. Please ask for details.

Testimonial: “I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was insightful and certainly made me stop and think about how easily stress builds up in both your personal and work life.

This training is available in Milton Keynes, with some workshops available nationwide. For more information complete the form below.

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