Monday Mojo – Indulge Your Body

If you could reasonably give your body what it needs right now, what would it be?

Perhaps you need a stretch, or a dance around your kitchen. 
Maybe a hand massage. 
Or just some calm, deep breaths. 

Maybe you’re not friends with your body right now. Sometimes that’s because of society’s expectations around perfection and beauty. If you’re trying to live up to someone else’s standards and living life through comparisons, you might always feel like you’re falling short. So even if you don’t love your body at the moment, it’s good to recognise that your body matters, and to be kind to your body, when you can. 

Often, we are so busy checking in on other people, that we neglect what our body is saying. The body can speak in many ways, but we don’t always pay attention.  One of the activities I do in mindfulness classes is bringing our awareness to the body, and use the breath as a means to relax.  

Focusing on your body doesn’t create pain, just simply highlights where you’re storing it. So, whatever your body might be saying, see if you can give it some time and loving attention. Even if you don’t love your body right now, it’s good to show that it matters, when you can. 

This week, set the intention to Indulge Your Body. Take a few moments to sit and be. Bring your full awareness to the experience of sitting where you are right now, and tune into your body. What is it saying – are you tired? Maybe you need to rest. Have you eaten? Perhaps you can plan your favourite meals this week. And then breathe. Let your breath massage your body from the inside out, and create a sense of peace within. You don’t have to over-indulge, just make time to focus on what your body is saying, and show that you’re paying attention. Instead of thinking of your body as a temple, think of it more as a garden. What will you plant today?

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