Monday Mojo – Toot Your Horn

What would happen if you said it like it is right now? Sometimes we hold back for all the right reasons, while other people push ahead. 

Last week, I travelled into London to deliver a mindfulness taster session.

As I travelled in a taxi towards my first appointment, all I could hear were cars, vans and lorries beeping their horns.
No one was moving anywhere.
Lights weren’t changing.
Congestion stayed as it was. 

But nonetheless people sat on their horns, trying to push people (metaphorically speaking) out of the way.

My dad always used to say “it doesn’t matter how pushy they are, they’ll never get through a door marked ‘pull’.” No amount of forcing things to happen, will necessarily get the result you want.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be times when it’s worth a try though.  The horn in your car, after all, is to let people know you’re there. 

If you’ve been hesitating to make your point lately, or put an idea forward, it might be because you’re waiting for that perfect moment. Maybe you’re worried what other people will think.  Perhaps you question your right to say something, or because others have shouted louder.  Whatever the reason, you have the right to be heard in every moment.

This week, set the intention to Toot Your Horn.  Find a way to feel comfortable  over the next few days to blow your own trumpet. You could talk about an achievement no matter how long ago, or something that makes you proud. Ask a trusted friend to help, by asking them if they could toot your horn, what would they say. Then do the same for them. (You could also use this image to ‘Toot Your Horn’ on social media.)  And, if someone else needs to be spoken with by way of setting them straight, practice what you’ll say. Grow your confidence  to ask for what you want in any moment; you might not always get it, but you still deserve to try.

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