Monday Mojo – Start a Conversation

How are you?  And by that, I mean how are you really?

It’s a crucially important question, and one I deeply believe in. Because, you see, when people just ask us how we are, we usually say “I’m fine”.

But we’re not always fine are we?

And sometimes, we feel like we’re burdening people, if we say what’s on our minds. But, even so, it’s good to have an outlet. 

This Wednesday 10th October, it’s World Mental Health Day.  My theme for this year is “Conversations Start Journeys”.  It promotes the idea that in order to get to the heart of what we’re going through, we have to start somewhere – it might just be with one genuine question or one honest answer. No expectations. No solutions. But also no filters.

This week, set the intention to Start a Conversation.  Make a list of people you trust, and take the decision to talk to them when you need. It doesn’t have to be today, but make a promise to yourself to talk about things when events take their toll. Don’t be afraid to say how you’re feeling – you feel what you feel – and if that makes some people uncomfortable, find people you can speak your truth with.  And, if you’re worried about someone else, make space for them to talk too; ask them how they are and be sure to ask twice, just in case.

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