Monday Mojo – Treat Yourself

Have you been looking after yourself lately?

At this month’s Serenity, we noticed how selfish we feel when we give something to ourselves, whether it’s a warm bath, buying ourselves a treat, or just spending quality time on our own.

We always feel like we should be doing something else:

Seeing to other people.

Checking everyone’s okay.

Putting ourselves at the bottom of the list.

It’s probably because, we’re programmed to think that being kind to ourselves is wrong in some way. That doing something we want to do, or saying no to other people, puts other people out in some way. Thankfully, we can change all that.

This week, set the intention to Treat Yourself. As often as possible, put time in the diary to do the things you want to do. Buy yourself something new (you know, like stationery or shoes), or if your budget won’t stretch that far just yet, take yourself out in to nature and fill your vision with all the beauty around you. If you start to feel guilty for being kind to yourself, just notice that and do it anyway. Even if it’s just for this week, do this for you.

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