Monday Mojo – Find the Quiet

Have you noticed how noisy the world is lately?

If you’ve travelled on a train lately you’ll know what I mean. People compete to be heard, by speaking louder and louder. They talk on their ‘phones and clatter the keyboards on their laptops. And to drown out the house, people plug into their headphones, ironically listening to more sound to calm the noise from the outside world.

We use sound as a coping mechanism.

When I’m teaching my listening skills workshops, attendees recognise that we fill silences because they’re, well, uncomfortable. We avoid the quiet because we simply don’t like it. The quietness means we might feel something. Or have to confront something. But there is peace to be found in the silences.

This week, set the intention to Find the Quiet. Create a space at home, or somewhere you can call a sanctuary, where you can retreat when you need it. Let the silence guide you. Allow the peace and quiet to refresh you. Give yourself permission to reset, recharge and then carry on.

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