New Year Mojo – Clear the Path

How do you feel about 2019?

It’s about now the pressure really starts to mount to make new year’s resolutions, and set goals with good intentions.

To try that new diet.
To get more exercise.
To better yourself in one way or another.

The ‘New Year, New You’ crowd gets louder, and genuinely it can be exhausting.

That doesn’t mean change isn’t important – or impossible.  Just that recognising the key to achieving positive results is making space for it.
Moving at a pace that feels right for you. 
Knowing what you want, and what you don’t.

At December’s Serenity, we came together in quiet contemplation with a view to creating a vision of what the new year might bring, based on the insights 2018 had provided – I described this as ‘Defining Your Blueprint’.

Through mindfulness meditation, women held space together to reflect, and consider what they will take in to the year ahead.  They said it gave them hope, clarity and insight, whilst at the same time giving them permission to put their needs up front.  (If this sounds helpful, you can find out how to purchase that online resources pack for yourself here – subject to availability).

Even if you don’t know where you’re going just yet, allow yourself to make way in your mind for something wonderful.

This New Year, set the intention to Clear the Path.  Get ready to say goodbye to things that no longer work for you.  Throw out clothes you’ll never wear, shred paperwork you’ll never need, and  make room in your diary for the things you really want.  And, instead of making resolutions, create your ground rules – your personal boundaries for the year ahead (you might like my article on the topic here).

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