Monday Mojo – Put It Down

How rested do you feel? It’s a genuine question, as although for some people today is their first day back at work, for many they never actually stopped.

Have you noticed how we always have something to do? The problem is, even when you’ve already got enough on your plate, you can find you’re adding more all the time. The load never seems to get any lighter. 

In ‘The Book of Awakening’ Mark Nepo tells a funny story of someone who refuses to make several trips from the car whenever he goes shopping, instead he tries to carry everything in one go. On one occasion, his friend goes to the shop and buys gallons of paint. Instead of taking one out at a time, he carries all the tins awkwardly towards the house. He just about makes it to the front door, loses his grip, slips and finds himself covered in paint.  There are times when we need to just lighten the load. 

This week, set the intention to Put It Down. Whether it’s something you’ve carried in to the New Year you meant to let go, or have found yourself taking on too much already, take a step back, rest for a while and bring yourself back to centre.  Talk to someone if it helps to spread the weight of a worry, or simply set aside time for yourself to help you focus on what really counts. 

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