Hello and Welcome

PLEASE NOTE: My counselling waiting list is currently at capacity and I am not taking any new clients at this time. Events – including workshops and classes – are running as normal, and available online. You may also find details of how to access NHS counselling here. Thank you for visiting my website. I am a qualifiedContinue reading “Hello and Welcome”

Qualified Counsellor offering Talking Therapy in Milton Keynes

Therapy can be helpful for people trying to find direction or who want to get their sparkle back, often after a difficult period in their lives. I am a registered, qualified therapist offering integrated person-centred services, working within a professional, ethical framework.  Services include counselling, coaching, and workplace supervision. You can book a free initial consultationContinue reading “Qualified Counsellor offering Talking Therapy in Milton Keynes”

The Power of Words: how mindful communication is good for your mental health

All of the courses I offer are aimed at helping people find their mojo and get their sparkle back. One of the ways I do this, is by discussing techniques for maintaining good mental health.  In one of the sessions, we talk about the Power of Words. Imagine for a moment you have been working reallyContinue reading “The Power of Words: how mindful communication is good for your mental health”

Wellbeing and Mental Health

It’s okay not to be okay. When I first started working in mental health, (some 10 years ago now), I worked with women experiencing ante-natal depression – depression during pregnancy.  They’d often start by telling me one of the hardest things was telling family and friends they felt depressed.  Usually, the response they got was alongContinue reading “Wellbeing and Mental Health”

Overthinking: Living with a noisy mind

I was teaching a relaxation class to a group of students recently, when I likened the feeling of anxiety to being on a treadmill. You start with a slow walk which increases to a gentle jog – not always pleasant, but manageable – and the next thing you know you’re hurtling at a pace, faster andContinue reading “Overthinking: Living with a noisy mind”