Visiting your doctor in difficult times

One in five patients now has to wait at least 15 days to see a GP in England, NHS figures have revealed. Just under 5m of the 27.1m appointments at GPs’ surgeries in October involved waiting anywhere between 15 and 28 or more days to see a doctor or practice nurse. Patients are finding itContinue reading “Visiting your doctor in difficult times”

Wellbeing and Mental Health

It’s okay not to be okay. When I first started working in mental health, (some 10 years ago now), I worked with women experiencing ante-natal depression – depression during pregnancy.  They’d often start by telling me one of the hardest things was telling family and friends they felt depressed.  Usually, the response they got was alongContinue reading “Wellbeing and Mental Health”

Why I won’t give up chocolate: exploring the connection between mood and food. 

I love chocolate.  It’s no secret, I’m partial to a packet of maltesers, will gladly dive in to a box of Jaffa Cakes and have occasionally been known to order ice cream only if it comes with chocolate sauce.  There’s also no secret to the fact that too much of anything, especially with sugar inContinue reading “Why I won’t give up chocolate: exploring the connection between mood and food. “

Mental Health in Pregnancy

Poor Mental Health in pregnancy affects at least one in three women. Many people have heard about post-natal depression, but there is another mental health concern which recent research suggests now affects as many as one in three pregnant women.  When I first set up my dedicated resource for depression in pregnancy in 2004, the figure was thought to beContinue reading “Mental Health in Pregnancy”