The Art of Brilliant Resilience – Positive Mental Health in Milton Keynes

Resilience is about our ability to manage when things are difficult. It’s our internal energy store. So, the more resilience we have, the better we cope with what life throws our way.  Resilience can also be a pathway to real happiness. 

The Brilliant Resilience Workshop is for women who want to manage their stress, and maintain good mental health, in a healthy and positive way.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Happiness Factor
  • Effective Stress Management for Busy Women
  • The power of words – dealing with difficult people
  • Sleep (what helps and what doesn’t)
  • Mindfulness and meditation

The workshop is available in four 90 minute sessions (weekly, evenings), or one Saturday workshop.  It is suitable for people who would describe their stress or anxiety as mild to moderate, and is available at an introductory price of £50 per person. 

To express your interest in this event, please complete the form below – you will be contacted during office hours.

For severe and enduring mental health conditions please speak to your doctor about resources available locally, or contact you local Mind.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017


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