Gems: Micro Sessions and Bite-Sized Training

Are you looking for affordable “bite-sized” workplace training which focuses on well-being, that can be delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

The pandemic has changed the way we think about and deliver essential training to staff. If your company prioritises employee welfare, you might like my Gems: one hour micro-sessions which pack in some “need-to-know” basics that support employee mental health and wellness.

“Delphi, please accept our sincere thanks for the work you have done in raising this important issue [mental health] for us.” (Client feedback).

Topics include:

  • Mental Health “Basics”
  • Better Sleep
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Understanding Grief
  • Being Assertiveness and Setting Boundaries
  • Mindful Communication

Each session is an hour long (or longer if you have time) and focuses on key topics which can help you plan and adopt new strategies for better mental health.

Private and corporate clients welcome. Group workshops can be tailored upon request. Online sessions start from £150 per hour*: please ask for details.

* Pre-designed introductory training packages are available from this starting price. For tailored training and confirmation of pricing please ask for details.

For details of other courses including Mindful Leadership, click here.

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