Monday Mojo – Find Your Wings

Are you a busy bee? The nature of the world we currently live in, is an expectation to fly at a 100 miles per hour, every day of the week. We wake up, get up, and zoom off; our feet hit the ground and away we go. Then, before we know it, it’s time for bed. Our headContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Find Your Wings”

World Mental Health Day – Conversations Start Journeys

10th October is World Mental Health Day, and the focus this year for me is very much that Conversations Start Journeys. Taking the time to talk to someone and find out how they are can be transformative and healing. Taking an interest in how someone is, can help them feel like they matter. According toContinue reading “World Mental Health Day – Conversations Start Journeys”

Monday Mojo – Start a Conversation

How are you?  And by that, I mean how are you really? It’s a crucially important question, and one I deeply believe in. Because, you see, when people just ask us how we are, we usually say “I’m fine”. But we’re not always fine are we? And sometimes, we feel like we’re burdening people, if we say what’s on our minds.Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Start a Conversation”

Monday Mojo – Honour Your Time

What’s taking up your time lately? It’s one of our most precious commodities, time. You can invest it, but you can’t own it. We can spend it, but we can’t get a refund. We can waste it, but we can’t stop it. We move through every day trying to make the most of it, andContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Honour Your Time”

Monday Mojo – Find the Quiet

Have you noticed how noisy the world is lately? If you’ve travelled on a train lately you’ll know what I mean. People compete to be heard, by speaking louder and louder. They talk on their ‘phones and clatter the keyboards on their laptops. And to drown out the house, people plug into their headphones, ironicallyContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Find the Quiet”