Monday Mojo – Lean In

What do you when things get a bit tricky?

When people are unkind.

When stuff doesn’t go your way.

When you’ve just about had enough.

I talked in last week’s Mojo, about assembling your squad; knowing who’s in your corner when you need them most. Sometimes though we find ways to cope in a way only we can control. We pull away from our worries, we push pain deep inside, and preoccupy ourselves with things like keeping busy at work, and Jaffa Cakes. This is what we call “numbing out”.

When we push pain away (or down), we’re only postponing the inevitable: an outburst of emotion (tears, anger) that create more problems than we started with. We travel through life at 100mph and wake up one day and ask what the hell happened.

That’s not the only way.

This week, set the intention to Lean In. Create some space in the next few days for you to look at what’s on your mind, to find out what’s holding you back, or keeping you stuck. Whenever you find yourself reaching for ways of coping you know won’t work for you in the long run, reach towards the situation rather than pulling away. If someone pushes your buttons, explore why. If things get uncomfortable, unpack that. Don’t be afraid to confront your emotions – or people – in a way that feels safe and healing. Talk to people who allow you to feel heard. It’s ok to say.

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