Monday Mojo – Listen. Understand. Connect.

What’s the difference between sympathy and empathy? As it turns out, quite a bit. 

Monday Mojo – Plan for Overload

How good are you at “reading” people? If you follow me on social media you’ll know that sometimes I share the work of Joe Navarro, an FBI agent who is an expert in body language. Joe’s fascinating insights span a 25 year career, meaning he can share “cues” and “tells” that enable us to ascertainContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Plan for Overload”

Monday Mojo – Heal the Gap

Do you ever have days when you feel like you just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with someone else? It’s a tricky business, navigating difficult times. We want to be there for others, but all the while know we need to take care of ourselves. I often talk about the fact that we knowContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Heal the Gap”

Making space to talk: responding with empathy when someone’s struggling

Someone tells you they’re having a rough time. How do you respond?

A note on suicide: it’s not a selfish act and help to stay safe is available 

It’s okay to talk about how you feel, and help to stay safe is available.