Monday Mojo – Take It Slow

Are you busy? I’m asking a daft question; of course you are. There’s always a million things to do, and those things create a million more. So the notion we should put the brakes on for a bit probably sounds like a crazy idea. Hear me out though.  When you think about it, there areContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Take It Slow”

Monday Mojo – Nurture Your Spirit

What does it mean to live a full life these days; is it about the number of years we get, or how we really live it? You might already know that in Denmark, life expectancy is said to be shorter than some of us in the West. Which might then surprise you to know that DenmarkContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Nurture Your Spirit”

Monday Mojo – Stop the Clock

Do you ever feel like time is going too fast? As we find ourselves in mid October, you might be asking where this year has gone. Especially if you’ve been so busy, you didn’t get a chance to complete that goal, read that book, do that course or anything else you’d set out to do. Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Stop the Clock”

Monday Mojo – Start Where You Are

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up? Like it’s all just moving a bit too fast.  That other people are strides in front.  That somehow you’ve fallen behind. Or fallen short.  I often liken the pace of life to that of a treadmill. Before we know it we’re hurtling along, striving for perfection,Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Start Where You Are”