Monday Mojo – Start Where You Are

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up?

Like it’s all just moving a bit too fast. 
That other people are strides in front. 
That somehow you’ve fallen behind. Or fallen short. 

I often liken the pace of life to that of a treadmill. Before we know it we’re hurtling along, striving for perfection, believing we daren’t step off for fear of creating a massive problem. So we try to keep up, even if it’s exhausting.  Are you tired?

When we’re battling to stay ahead, to appear perfect, or even just stay alongside everyone else, it can  lead to burnout. We feel worn out, frustrated – cynical even. Maybe even faking it a little (see the Brené Brown video with Oprah below), letting people think we’re happy, putting on a brave face and even laughing at other people’s jokes that just. aren’t. funny.

Maybe you’ve lost sight of why you got into the race in the first place. You wake up one morning and wonder how you got where you are. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay like this.

This week, set the intention to Start Where You Are. Focus on what you can do today (rather than things you can’t) and make space in your day to slow down when you can. Take at least a twenty minute lunch break. Go for a walk after work if you can.  Focus on who you are, and where you are, rather than what and where others think you should be.  Try to ditch perfectionism. Let good enough be enough.   And if things feel like they’re moving too fast – pause.  Let the world race past you if it has to, you’ll get where you need to be in the end. Think of it like the Tortoise and the Hare, only with your panache.

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