Monday Mojo – Nurture Your Spirit

What does it mean to live a full life these days; is it about the number of years we get, or how we really live it?

You might already know that in Denmark, life expectancy is said to be shorter than some of us in the West. Which might then surprise you to know that Denmark is also the second “happiest country in the world” (the first is Finland).

It’s attributed to the fact that people in Denmark generally live, to some extent, a life of pleasure that’s in the little things. For example, they regularly (sometimes daily) meet friends for coffee and cake. They live their lives appreciating the “sweeter stuff” in life, and although it may cut a few years off, they (eventually) die happy.

For the rest of us, our efforts to go at pace and keep up with everyone else, may mean we miss out on what we really want. To try and keep up, we might have energy drinks to stay awake but then need pills to fall asleep. Then we wake up one morning, wondering how we got where we are.

Here’s what may help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Nurture Your Spirit. This is the second of Four Pillars to Natural Wellness from the book “Unmedicated”, by Madison Taylor (founder of Daily Om).

Madison explains that whilst yes, medication can be important for all sorts of reasons, we can find additional ways to balance our health; to slow down, or recharge. For example, she suggests meditating for 10 minutes a day, writing a letter to the wounded part of yourself or asking yourself the question “how may I be of service today”?

Long story short, if it’s healthy and it helps, say no to the rush. Yes to that date. And, eat the cake. See what the future brings.

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