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Online Services and Resources

If you’re nervous about attending an event or booking a 1-1, you might like some of my resources and services available to purchase and access online. These include: Click here for The Mindfulness Starter Kit – This pack is available via my Kindfully website, dedicated…

Sleep: what’s keeping us awake (and what we can do about it)

What stops you sleeping and what can help?

It’s World Mental Health Day

10th October is World Mental Health Day.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 – Take a minute, Change a Life

Help us raise awareness of this important topic and change lives for the better.

Smile:)MK – Dates announced 2017/18

Courses running with Community Learning MK

Monday Mojo – Receive the Love

Monday Mojo: Feel-good motivation for the week ahead.

Wear your Tiara to Work (or anywhere you like) Day

In her book “A Woman in Your Own Right”, Anne Dickson describes how as a woman you feel “a sense of obligation to put everyone else’s needs before your own all the time”. Even today, in a world striving for equality, women still feel…

Monday Mojo: Feel-Good Motivation for the Week Ahead

Monday Mojo™ offers weekly motivation for the week with a suggested goal, focus or positive intention for the next seven days.  Posts appear via this website, to Facebook and Twitter.   You can also receive expanded positive mojo straight to your inbox when you subscribe, and receive…

Thought for the Day – Self Compassion

Thought for the day: If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. Jack Cornfield.  For regular positive mojo straight to your inbox and free access to the Members Area, Sign up to Sparkle 

It’s Time to Talk

2nd February in the U.K. is Time to Talk day, a national campaign focused on holding positive conversations and reducing the stigma around mental health.  If you know someone who has been struggling lately, why not drop them a text message or ask them…

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