Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Creativity, Managing Change at Work and Connecting Employees using Mindfulness

How engaged do you feel during workplace meetings? If you feel connected, take part and are completely focused when your colleagues are speaking, then you’ll be giving 100% around the table. But if you are doing that, recent research suggests that’s quite rare. According to one study, three quarters of attendees in meetings are distractedContinue reading “Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Creativity, Managing Change at Work and Connecting Employees using Mindfulness”

Mindfulness in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire

Mindfulness is often described as being in the moment.  But for many people life is hectic, and it leaves little time for quiet contemplation. It might even seem like a bit of a waste of time. Science is starting to explain what eastern traditions have known for hundreds if not thousands of years. There areContinue reading “Mindfulness in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire”

Serenity for Women

I provide a safe space at a peaceful location in Milton Keynes, for women to come together for well deserved “me-time”. I call these planned events The Serenity Gatherings™, sometimes just known as Serenity. Serenity has helped me to focus, find ‘myself’, go deep within, listen to my inner wisdom and ignore the outer chatter.Continue reading “Serenity for Women”

Relaxation Classes

Relaxation through Mindfulness Classes More dates announced soon. Bookings using the buttons above are via the Kindfully website, my dedicated resource for Mindfulness and Compassionate Living. What will I get? Each week you’ll receive top tips, the opportunity to practice and relevant information. You will also receive exclusive access to the Kindfully Learning Gateway, and courseContinue reading “Relaxation Classes”

Mindfulness and Pregnancy

Mindfulness for Mums – Relaxation Classes for mums and mums-to-be I was delighted to read in The Guardian recently that a new initiative by the NSPCC has been established to support parents’ mental health during pregnancy and the year following the birth of their child. Recent research reported in The Telegraph suggests that as manyContinue reading “Mindfulness and Pregnancy”