Monday Mojo – Tap into Wisdom

How’s your intuition these days?

Your spidey-sense. 
Your inner wisdom. 
Your gut..

..and what’s it telling you?

We are built to be “in tune” with our environment. Our body was designed to know when it’s time to go to sleep (before technology did its best to put a stop to that). It’s how we can sometimes smell rain in the air (I know that’s not just me). And it’s how you can can sense tension in a room, even when no one is speaking. 

There’s a meme that goes round that says: ”Women know. They just know. And even when you think they don’t know, women know.”  Often we instinctively know things, but sometimes it’s not our intuition that’s guiding how we feel, it’s worry. And sometimes it can be difficult to tell them apart.

So what do we do if our intuition needs re-calibrating? 

This week set the intention to Tap into Wisdom.  If you don’t already, try keeping a dream diary, to record your night-time adventures and decipher what messages they may be offering. If you’re not remembering your dreams lately, you could try meditating in a quiet place. Find yourself somewhere that you can sit or lay down for a while.  Bring your awareness to the experience of being where you are and take three deep breaths. Then follow the natural rhythm of your breathing, and let your mind wander, allowing your imagination to roam and see where it takes you. (Mindfulness is believed to help improve decision-making).  If your mind wanders in to work or worry again, bring your awareness to your surroundings and try again when you’re ready. And if in  your daily life, you keep seeing a “stop” or “slow down” sign on the way to work, maybe life is offering a hint or two along the way.  

In the meantime, here’s a life hack: if you’re really undecided about which decision to make, flip a coin. How you feel when you see which side it lands will almost certainly tell you what you wanted. 

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