Monday Mojo – Bust the Myth

Have you heard the concept that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? It’s a metaphor intended to explain the different ways men and women communicate, that originated around the 90s. Only it turns out, it doesn’t hold much water. So says Deborah Cameron in her book The Myth of Mars and Venus.  AsContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Bust the Myth”

Monday Mojo – Take Up Space

Where I talk about Lisa Lister’s new book, shoulder pads and why you’re allowed to light up the world.

Monday Mojo – Stop the Clock

Do you ever feel like time is going too fast? As we find ourselves in mid October, you might be asking where this year has gone. Especially if you’ve been so busy, you didn’t get a chance to complete that goal, read that book, do that course or anything else you’d set out to do. Continue reading “Monday Mojo – Stop the Clock”

Monday Mojo – Connect Through Kindness

Have you been kind to yourself lately? I’m asking because I know a lot of people are going through a tough time right now. A stranger on the internet has a pop.  A colleague says something that triggers us. A loved one derails a conversation when you’re trying to talk about how you feel.  ItContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Connect Through Kindness”

Monday Mojo – Push it Forward

How do you feel about procrastination? So many people I know can relate to the notion of putting things off. We pause. We hold back. We delay.  In her book, Sabotage, Emma Gannon talks about why we procrastinate, and many experts are starting to agree that it’s aligned with perfectionism; the idea that we don’t get ahead because weContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Push it Forward”