Monday Mojo – Find Your Vibe

How “in tune” do you feel with the world around you right now?

In my book, Answers in the Dark, I talk about our cycles, and in particular how they show up. We have a 24 hour cycle (day follows night), some of us have a 28 day (ish) cycle, and of course the elusive sleep cycle. And when life is really busy, those cycles can feel disrupted.

We might not always notice it straightaway. We plough on as if everything is “normal” and wake up one day and feel like stuff’s just, well, off centre. You feel like you’re doing All The Things, but nothing’s getting done.

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (9th to 15th May) is loneliness and I emphasise that this isn’t just about the number of friends you have or the amount of time spent alone – but it’s also about disconnection. Our “social norms” can often set standards that we should “fit in” and not be different. We hide our authenticity or shift our values in a need to be belong. That can be lonely.

The opposite to loneliness can include feeling heard. Being understood. Connected.

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Find Your Vibe. This article offers insight on how to check your emotional state: something as simple as asking yourself “how am I feeling?” Alternatively, you could grab your favourite notebook (or treat yourself to a new one) and take some time to reflect on these questions:
• What brings you alive, and puts a bit of sparkle in your step?
• Which people light you up? (including celebs)
• What conversations inspire you?
Include in your reflections music that brings your mojo back, poetry that gives you goose bumps, or pieces of art that make you look at the world in all its wonder. It’s there waiting to be enjoyed.

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