Monday Mojo – Unlock Your Dreams

Do you believe in yourself?

It’s such a tough question, right? Because what does that even mean. One of the things about goals is, you have to want them as much as you have the skills to achieve them.

This week, maybe set the intention to Unlock Your Dreams.  It makes sense that, to find your way, you need to know what your hopes are, and one way to do this is just by asking yourself “If I keep doing what I’m doing now where will I be in a year or five year’s time?” You can change direction accordingly depending on whether your current situation takes you towards or away from that. 

This article also explains that sometimes our inner critic holds us back, or that maybe we keep ourselves busy so that we don’t have to think about where we are. It’s ok to distract ourselves from time to time, especially if those distractions actually play to your skills and strengths. Think about what serves you well, and what doesn’t.

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