Monday Mojo – Check Your Spoons

Have you heard of Spoon Theory?

It’s a concept originally discussed by Christine Miserandino in 2003, that helps us measure our energy levels. Christine used it as a way of describing to a friend how she navigates the condition Lupus, and used the spoons as props to demonstrate. She explained that we might start the day with ten spoons, but on difficult days just getting out of bed and taking a shower might use several. (You can read more about this here).

Feeling drained or lacking energy is just one of the signs that our Mojo is starting to dwindle, so knowing how to boost our energy levels can be a helpful way to refresh and recharge.

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Check Your Spoons. You might start with a self-care check in each day, asking yourself questions like “Can I say no today, and can I do that kindly?”. Being irritable or edgy is another early warning sign we might notice when we’re lacking a bit of sparkle.

This article also suggests switching things up a bit. It’s natural when things aren’t going our way to retreat to the comfort of our own home, and sometimes this can be just what we need. However we know there are several benefits of spending time in nature; the Japanese tradition of Shinrin Yoku has been researched to prove that time with trees can have a profound impact.

It’s important also to honour our emotions; all feelings are valid. Whether you’re feeling sad or happy, giving space to how we feel is important – because whether we label them or not, those feelings are there anyway. Above all, give yourself permission to rest when you need, cry if it helps and talk with those you trust.

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