Monday Mojo – Stop and Drop

  • Is something weighing you down right now?When we live busy lives it’s easy to lose sight of how much we are carrying around:
    • The challenges of trying to get everything ‘just right’. 
    • Worry about friends or family.
    • Deadlines at work. 
  • They all add up. 
  • It helps to recognise what’s on your mind and what’s taking its toll, because it’s there anyway, whether you put the spotlight on it or not. The body often speaks first, with headaches, or catching every bug that’s going round.  So, it might be time to let go of some things which are weighing heavy.
  • In mindfulness we refer to curiosity as a way of noticing how the mind wanders off, but without judging the thoughts we have.  Instead of becoming the participant in your thinking and getting tangled in the ‘whys’ and ‘what if’s, you can learn to be the observer of your thoughts, as they arise, without judgement.  When I talk about letting go, I don’t mean forgetting the thoughts or problems dragging you down, quite the opposite. Instead, you recognise thoughts as they arise, and then give yourself permission to come back to them if they serve a purpose, when you consciously decide it matters. 
  • This week, set the intention to Stop and Drop. Over the next few days, take a moment to pause in your busy schedule and ask yourself what’s really weighing you down. Give yourself 20 minutes ‘worry time’ if needed, then give yourself permission to relax, even if only for a few minutes more. As you become aware of thoughts, simply describe in your mind what you’re doing which is “thinking” and then with gentle kindness give yourself permission to come back to them later. Then breathe and take your time. Here’s a Spotify playlist that might help.
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