Monday Mojo – Reach for the Sky

Monday Mojo™ – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Reach for the Sky

What do you really want?

It’s a big question, and worth taking some time to think about.

Sometimes we have a vision.

A hope for the future.

A desire to to be fulfilled.

But life doesn’t always go the way we planned, right? We think we’re on the right track and then someone or something unexpected comes along. Or we lack motivation.

It can set us back. It can steal our sunshine. And instead of moving forward, we find ourselves stuck. We spend even more time in something we should probably leave behind (because we feel we are invested in it). We settle for second best. And we find ourselves taking the scraps from the table of life.

You don’t have to do that any more. And this is why it’s so important to decide what you want and to go for it.

This week, set the intention to Reach for the Sky. Take a few moments to imagine a life where you feel happy and whole – what does it look like? Then spend some time over the next few days thinking about what’s keeping you from moving forward in the life you want to live. Explore why you doubt yourself and your abilities, and find new ways to build your confidence. Make a commitment to “unstick” yourself, talk to someone if it helps but remember above all else, you have a right to be happy.

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Qualified Counsellor, Mental Health and Well-Being Trainer, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Creator of Monday Mojo™. Talks 'Lady Business', raising awareness of factors which predominantly affect Women's Mental Health like pregnancy and domestic abuse. Helping to improve the global conversation, and bring an end to stigma and shaming. Dream Explorer as seen on the telly. Avid tea drinker.

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